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Product Categories

Case Study – Example #1

A trauma hospital in the Midwest was using hand surgery products from a large manufacturer.  Working with clinical and purchasing, we were able to identify surgeons that has experience with our product, and provide the clinical documentation to substitute our product into the hand surgery service.  The hospital achieved a 25% reduction in implant supplies in the first year.

Case Study – Example #2

An orthopedic surgery center in the Chicago area had multiple surgeons operating at the facility.  The usage of allografts and biologic implants was a significant portion of product acquisition cost.  Working on the request of surgeons, we were able to substitute key allografts and biologics, using our direct model.  The surgery center increased their profit on the orthopedic service line and increased revenue.

  • Urology

    We distribute the Surgical Urology Incontinence line from Neomedic International. Neomedic is located in Barcelona, Spain, and has been focused on incontinence surgical solutions for 20 years.

  • Biologics

    We partner with Tissue Banks and Manufacturers to obtain state-of-the-art Biologic products that deliver value. All products are from AATB-Certified manufacturers.

  • Plastic Surgery

    We distribute Cortiva Allograft Dermis from RTI Surgical, for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. RTI Surgical, Inc. is a leading global provider of tissue-based implants for surgeries.

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