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Plastic Surgery

We distribute Cortiva Allograft Dermis from RTI Surgical, for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. RTI Surgical, Inc. is a leading global provider of tissue-based implants for surgeries with a commitment to advancing science, safety and innovation. RTI’s worldwide corporate headquarters is located in Alachua, Fla. RTI has additional manufacturing facilities in Greenville, NC and in Neunkirchen, Germany.


  • Cortiva® Allograft Dermis
  • Cortiva® 1mm Allograft Dermis
  • Cortiva® 1mm Tailored Allograft Dermis


  • Sterilized through the Tutoplast Process
  • Graft labeled sterile
  • Validated viral inactivation


  • Fast rehydration – 30 seconds on average1

  • High mechanical strength 2,3
  • Equivalent revascularization4;
  • Rapid cellular repopulation4,5,6

Handling Properties

  • Five-year, room-temperature shelf life — no refrigeration required

1Data on file – Rehydration study comparing Cortiva to Standard Tutoplast Sterilized Dermis 2013.
2Data on file – Doc #7042. Benchtop Testing comparing Cortiva to Standard Tutoplast Sterilized Dermis 2013.
3Hollinsky C, Sandberg S. Measurement of the tensile strength of the ventral abdominal wall in comparison with scar tissue. Clinical Biomechanics. 22 (2007) 88 – 92.
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Phone: 815.322.2485

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